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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Preparedness Partner alongside the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) this September. This month-long promotion is a great way to support our firefighters, and help provide them with life-saving tools and equipment.

Preparedness Partners are local businesses and organizations pledging to help raise awareness and funds for a cause that impacts all Angelenos. Every participating business can help raise L.A.'s readiness level and ensure that our LAFD heroes have what they need to protect our neighborhoods.

There are multiple ways that your business can participate this September and we are here to help customize a game plan that works best for you. 


  • Recognition as an official Fired Up for Preparedness Partner
  • Your organization featured on the LAFD Foundation website
  • Access to the digital preparedness toolkit and a full suite of printed promotional materials
  • Approved use of the LAFD Foundation logo in-store for the duration of your promotion
  • Inclusion in a special “thank you” social media post on all LAFD Foundation channels
  • Featured in the LAFD Foundation newsletter (+30,000 readership)
  • Making a life-saving difference for firefighters serving the City of Los Angeles

Ways to Give Back

  • Point of purchase donation from customers - Ask customers for a small donation at checkout, or restaurants may leave space on receipt for a donation. In exchange, customers will be given a paper fire hydrant to hand-write a note and place on display in your establishment.
  • Percentage of proceeds from a specialty item - - Donate a percentage of proceeds from each specialty item sold.
  • Percentage of proceeds - Donate a certain percentage of overall sales for September, or specific timeframe within the campaign.
  • Round-Up at the register - Encourage customers to round card transactions up to the nearest dollar, donating the “change” to help our firefighters.
  • Social media campaign - Use your voice on social media to promote the Fired Up campaign and encourage donations to be made to the LAFD. 
  • Sponsorship/guaranteed donation - Give a specific donation/sponsorship amount to the LAFD Foundation. In return, the LAFD could host a mass CPR training/fire prevention workshop.

Signing up is quick and convenient. Register here to get started. 

How your participation helps

Your support matters. Each donation counts towards fulfilling urgent funding needs for our firefighters. Fired Up proceeds will help the LAFD Foundation purchase equipment such as:

1. Strike team deployment kits - Firefighting gear, hand tools, and overnight equipment used by LAFD strike teams deployed for lengthy assignments in remote areas.

2. Night vision goggles and helmets - Worn by our LAFD helicopter pilots to conduct rescues and water drops during low visibility, night-time missions.

3. Bailout containment systems - A harness, safety hook, and descending rope system used as a last resort to rappel out of high-rise structure fires.