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Helping Our Heroes

About The Friends of LAFD

The Friends of the LAFD is a community of donors who believe our firefighters should have the tools and safety gear they depend on to save lives.  

When you join the Friends of LAFD, you become part of the LAFD family and directly empower the Foundation to do everything possible to fulfill LAFD needs that arise year-round.  

Membership includes a host of insider benefits and unique experiences that bring you closer to the Los Angeles City Fire Department. 


Approximately 97% of the city’s budget for LAFD goes towards salaries and benefits, leaving just 3% to cover the cost of essential equipment, new technology and training programs. The disparity creates funding shortfalls for equipment for everyday incidents, to resources for specialty units (like the Urban Search & Rescue and Air Operations units). Click here to view the equipment needs we are actively working to fulfill.


Through the Friends of LAFD, your annual gift will help fulfill outstanding needs, making an impact where it is needed most. Click the name of your desired level to join the Friends of LAFD today.

  • Annual Gift: $100 - $499
    Benefits: Newsletter, LAFD Foundation decal, LAFD pin

  • Annual Gift: $500 - $999
    Benefits: All of the above benefits + A personalized thank you note card from a firefighter, LAFD license plate frame

  • Annual Gift: $1,000 - $2,499
    Benefits: All of the above benefits + Name recognition on the LAFD Foundation website, Invitation to an exclusive LAFD event, LAFD baseball cap

  • Annual Gift: $2,500 - $4,999
    Benefits: All of the above benefits + An invitation to the “State of the LAFD” address by the Fire Chief, official LAFD t-shirt

  • Annual Gift: $5,000 - $9,999
    Benefits: All of the above benefits + 2 VIP tickets to VALOR - the LAFD's annual awards gala

  • Annual Gift: $10,000
    Benefits: All of the above benefits + An invitation to an exclusive dinner event with the Fire Chief


For more information about the Friends of LAFD program, please contact:

Tara Gurlides, Development Director

310-552-4139 |

-Photo in graphic by Mike Meadows

2020 - 2021 FRIENDS OF LAFD

Thank you to the following individuals, families and organizations for your steadfast support of our firefighters.


    Lara Ladd
    Nick Roxborough


    The Matthew & Lee Love Foundation
    Kenneth Uslan


    Michael & Elaine Lips
    Barbara Marcus
    Joseph Matukewicz
    Jennifer GIlbert Michael
    Lyle Poncher
    Paul & Janet Pucino


    Antonieta Arango
    Chris Ashworth
    William Bamattre
    S. Cooper
    Susan Drake
    Li Gad
    Patricia & Welko Gasich
    Elisabeth Giovine
    Warren & Randi Grant
    Bonnie Grey
    Joan Hotchkis
    Jeanine & Kevin Kay
    Christopher Keyser & Susan Sprung
    Dorena Knepper
    Donna & Clifford Ko
    Jim Woo Lee
    Carol Levine
    Michael Meyer
    Katie Michael
    Pino Modica
    Marti Noxon
    Samar Obagi
    Hannelore Ogner
    Travis Powers
    Marc Rapaport
    Barry Reed
    Joshua Roth
    Todd Sandler
    Ginna & George Schenk
    Sean Sham
    Gloria Sobel
    Gene Sykes
    Elizabeth & Tim Ward
    Stephen Winston
    Dr. Wendell & Terry Wong
    Earl Lewis Goldberg Family Trust