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Cancer Prevention

Firefighters are at an increased risk for developing cancer due to the smoke and hazardous chemicals they are exposed to in the line of duty. While personal protective equipment (PPE), can lessen exposure, toxic chemicals can still contaminate their turnout gear, exposing our firefighters to harmful toxins.  

In fact, firefighters are 14% more likely to die from a cancer-related illness than the general population. Modern structures contain many synthetics and plastic materials which create more smoke when burning than natural materials. When these materials burn, they release over 100 different types of chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. 

Firefighters may also encounter other known carcinogens such as asbestos and diesel exhaust. These carcinogens can be inhaled or absorbed through contact with contaminated gear.  

The LAFD Foundation is committed to keeping our firefighters safe by securing newer, better equipment, implementing faster, smarter technology, and advancing preventative measures to combat near and long-term health risks. 


The LAFD Foundation is actively seeking funds to equip all 3,500 sworn LAFD members with the following: 



WHY: These over-built gear bags are lined with a protective barrier to reduce the spread of carcinogens and toxic particulates for firefighters and their families when transporting contaminated uniforms, boots and gear.   

ESTIMATED COST: $100  per bag 


WHY: Flame and heat resistant particulate barrier hoods protect the face, head and neck - areas with the greatest risk of exposure from harmful contaminates and carcinogenic particulates. 

ESTIMATED COST: $75 per hood 



WHY: Firefighters require durable, heat-resistant structural gloves (gloves worn when responding to structure fires) with maximum protection, ergonomic mobility, AND safeguards against moisture, viral and particulate penetration. 

ESTIMATED COST: $45 per pair 



WHY: These commercial-grade washers remove carcinogens and other harmful particulates from dirty turnout gear with the power and speed of 100-G’s (one hundred times the force of gravity). The LAFD Foundation aims to place 45 additional commercial-grade extractors at fire stations throughout Los Angeles. 

ESTIMATED COST: $6,500 per unit