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Coronavirus Update

LAFD Foundation - Coronavirus Update

UPDATE - 3/16/20

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared a local emergency to strengthen preparation against COVID-19, a move to help the city respond more quickly and effectively to the spread of the virus.

Due to changes in safety protocol and increased precautionary steps, our LAFD firefighters are rapidly depleting the department’s stock of personal protective gear – such as gowns, gloves hand sanitizer, and other resources used to prevent the virus from spreading.

Minimizing their exposure to COVID-19 must be a top priority. More than 4 million people across L.A. depend on our firefighters to remain healthy and ready to respond.

The LAFD is also in need of face masks – not for firefighters, but for potentially compromised patients transported via ambulance.

Patients displaying signs/symptoms of the virus are fitted with single-use face masks to reduce the chance of potentially passing the virus to our first responders.

The LAFD Foundation is accepting funds to help purchase and replenish these important safety items for our men and women on the front lines.

Financial contributions are the fastest and most effective way to help the LAFD Foundation fulfill these needs as quickly as possible.

Please click here to donate.



The LAFD Foundation has received a number of inquiries regarding its efforts to support the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department as concerns about the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to grow. 

The Foundation has been working ardently to help procure personal protective equipment (face masks, gowns, sanitizer, etc.) for our LAFD firefighters and paramedics. 

Due to heightened risk conditions, our front-line responders are using these items at a faster rate than usual. Widespread demand has made procurement of these items considerably more challenging. 

The Foundation is working directly with LAFD leadership to replenish the needed safety equipment as quickly as possible. 

Please be aware the LAFD Foundation is NOT seeking individual donations of safety equipment. Organizations or businesses with access to bulk quantities of sterile personal protective equipment may contact the Foundation at or 310-552-4139. 

For information on the steps being taken by the LAFD, please visit  

We encourage you to practice good personal and public health hygiene, as well as to follow the recommendations provided by public health officials. For helpful information on how to minimize potential exposure, please visit