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Corporate Social Responsibility Improves Rest for Firefighters

Firefighters and a Sit 'n Sleep representative stand next to a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Consider for a moment the importance of a good night’s rest. The feeling of crawling into bed after a long day, sinking into a comfortable mattress, and pulling the sheets up is familiar to all who have a relative sleep schedule and the privilege of owning a bed.

For Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) members, the above scenario is rarely the case. Their jobs demand around-the-clock alertness and responsiveness, which often means that sleep is pushed to the wayside.

LAFD Captain Matthew Edgington at Fire Station 100 has 22 years on the job and has only seen mattresses replaced once in his career. The station recently received a generous donation from a local company that has been a “game-changer” for the few and far-between moments of rest that firefighters get during their shifts.

When Sit ‘n Sleep gifted seven brand new Tempur-Pedic mattresses to LAFD Fire Station 100, it felt like the holidays all over again.

Corporate social responsibility is at the core of Sit ‘n Sleep’s mission. Among the many causes that they support, Sit ‘n Sleep has been donating mattresses through the LAFD Foundation and directly to local Southern California fire stations for over a decade.

“We want to take care of those who put their lives on the line for us every day,” shared Drew Miller, Vice President of Marketing at Sit ‘n Sleep, a three-generation family-owned mattress superstore that serves Southern California.

Miller emphasized how crucial sleep is for functioning individuals, especially firefighters. Captain Edgington echoed this sentiment, adding that well-rested firefighters are better prepared, more positive, and clearer of mind on the job.

On what Captain Edgington calls a “good” night, firefighters are lucky to only wake up twice in the middle of the night to respond to incidents. More often, that number could be five or more. “The few hours that you do get are so important, and having a good mattress impacts the quality of sleep that firefighters are getting,” he shared.

Although LAFD members work a minimum of 24-hour shifts, many spend multiple days at their stations. Captain Edgington highlighted that some firefighters spend more time [at the station] than they do at their own homes.

A new bed or new mattress is rarely within the scope of what LAFD fire stations can afford on their own. These financial burdens especially impact small stations like Fire Station 100 and those that serve economically challenged regions that see fewer community contributions than stations in more affluent areas.

Captain Edgington emphasized that support from the LAFD Foundation is invaluable. “The Foundation is a great advocate and liaison to educating people who want to help,” he said.  

For him, the gift of new mattresses from Sit ‘n Sleep brings a special kind of relief. Captain Edgington deals with chronic back pain from a surgery several years ago, and since sleeping on the new mattresses, he wakes up with significantly less discomfort.

“The crew is pleased beyond words. Thank you for facilitating this!” Captain Edgington shared in an email to the LAFD Foundation after the mattresses were donated.

LAFD fire stations across the City, especially those in underserved communities, are in need of essential items that improve their living and working conditions. Learn more about these funding gaps and ways to give back here.