Donors Help Power Air Operations

Funding from donors recently allowed the LAFD Foundation to support Air
Operations with three "Start Pacs." These portable devices provide electricity to the
unit's specialized helicopters for areas such as:

1 – Pre-flight Inspections
Every morning a pre-flight inspection is made on each helicopter. As certain items
on the checklist require electrical power, crews previously had to use the aircraft's
auxiliary power unit (APU). Using the APU could potentially deplete the aircraft's
batteries, which could delay a response to an emergency.

2 – Hoist Maintenance
The LAFD's helicopters are equipped with a powerful hoist for situations such as
rescuing an injured hiker from a mountain top or retrieving someone from a river.
Each time the hoist is used, it must be inspected by mechanics upon the aircraft's
return. This inspection would require using the aircraft's APU for power.

3 – Ground-based Training
Air Operation's flight crews spend hundreds of hours training at their base between
missions. Trainings can range from ‘dry running’ cockpit operations to practicing the
steps to bring a patient inside the aircraft during a hoist rescue. Both these exercises
would require using the aircraft's batteries.


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New Packs Support the LAFD's Backs

In December 2015 the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) granted the LAFD five specially designed wildland fire engines built to help provide mutual-aid resources against brush fires. For more than three years these engines have been maintained and staffed by a total of 25 LAFD firefighters.

While the Governor's office provided the large equipment, the firefighters that staff the Cal OES fire engines need specialized equipment to support their operations. Fighting brush fires demands long, strenuous hours of work in rugged terrain. This makes the need for new gear tailored to extended operations crucial.

In response to this need, the LAFD Foundation stepped in to provide each of these firefighters a wildland extension pack. This new equipment, which compliments the recently distributed hydration backpacks, offers a wide range of advantages from the previous equipment that these firefighters used.

Out with the Old (bottom left), in with the New (bottom left)