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What We Do

The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation (LAFD Foundation) is the non-profit organization that provides funding for the needs of our city’s firefighters. Approximately 97% of the city’s budget for the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is allocated to necessary personnel costs. This leaves just 3% to cover the cost of essential equipment, new technology, and training resources needed to keep our firefighters safe, and allowing them to do their jobs effectively.

That’s where we step in.

The LAFD Foundation exists to bridge the budget gap by raising funds to provide our firefighters the tools, equipment and resources they need to protect homes and save lives.

Equipment Every LAFD Firefighter Needs

The Foundation supports each of the LAFD’s 3,500 firefighters by providing important tools and equipment. In some cases, this means replacing dated equipment with newer, better solutions. Past examples include lightweight brush helmets, carcinogen-containment gear bags, powerful flashlights and durable hydration backpacks (photo left).

Other ways our organization assists the department in maintaining exceptional fire protection and emergency medical services is by providing equipment like night-vision goggles, advanced unmanned aerial systems (drones) and swift-water rescue boats.


The Adopt-A-Fire-Station Program

The Adopt-A-Fire-Station (AAFS) Program improves the working and living conditions for firefighters and paramedics in each of the 106 stations across the city. Working in 24-hour shifts, stations are not only a workplace but also members’ second home.

Everyday essentials like washers, dryers, ice machines, coffee makers, kitchen faucets, refrigerators, and fitness equipment see heavy wear and tear around the clock.  When one of these items breaks down due to the heavy usage, replacements are not covered in the city’s budget, and repairs can take months, or even years, to complete.

Funding LAFD Programs

The Foundation provides ongoing funding for numerous LAFD programs, including in-service training, leadership, and youth.

In-Service Training

The In-Service Training Section (ISTS) provides training to the members of the LAFD, ensuring that all personnel are trained to the highest levels of competency. ISTS consists of some of the following EMS Training, DMV/Driver Training, Smoke Recognition, and Car Extraction Training. The LAFD Foundation funds this section with tools and equipment that allow the LAFD members to learn various skills efficiently and responsibly.

Leadership Academy

The Foundation proudly sponsors the LAFD Leadership Academy, an intensive graduate level course designed to cultivate the next generation of LAFD command staff.

The basis for the Leadership program was developed at the United States Military Academy at West Point and was adapted to the core principals of today’s fire service leaders. The program as FREE to qualifying candidates. Enrollment costs are underwritten by the LAFD Foundation. 

Youth Programs

The four LAFD Youth Programs the Foundation funds are Girls Camp, Youth F.I.R.E. Academies, Cadets, and Fire and EMS Magnet High Schools. These exciting programs offer students the opportunity to learn about a career in the fire service through engaging task-driven activities where they develop skills in leadership, teamwork, and overall confidence. These skills are invaluable and can be applied to all aspects of their lives, whether they choose the fire service or not.