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September 2018 Firefighter of the Month: Engineer Jeffery “Jeff” Braff

Fire Station 112 (San Pedro)

Home to Fire Boat No. 2, one of the LAFD’s most powerful apparatus, Fire Station 112 in San Pedro hosts annual visits from local, national and foreign dignitaries. Knowing that the visibility of this station was a reflection of the LAFD, Engineer Jeff Braff took it upon himself to lead the redevelopment of FS 112’s front landscape during his spare time at the station.

“I’ve always tried to treat every station I’ve worked at like it’s my second home,” Braff said. “I’d just re-landscaped my own home and thought with a little work, we could really showcase this station in the right way.”

Braff rallied the support of his crew and lead the way by pulling out water-thirsty plants, re-soiling the grounds and researching new, drought-resistant plants to use. When the time came to purchase new plants, he purchased some with his own funds. He is now designing a drip-system to water each plant directly that will help prevent the water runoff that normal sprinkler systems allow.

This project has been one of the highlights of Braff’s time at FS 112 where he has spent the last three of his 25 years with the LAFD. Graduating from Drill Tower 89 (North Hollywood), he began his career as a firefighter and worked at 10 different stations throughout Los Angeles. During this time he secured his paramedic license and promoted to Engineer before landing at FS 112 in March of 2015. Operating as a dual land/sea response fire station, Braff has the unique opportunity to serve as the Engineer on both the fire engine and Fire Boat No. 2, depending on the rotation.

“As an engineer on the fire engine I’m the one responsible for the maintenance, operation of the pumps and getting the crew to and from an incident safely,” Braff said. “On the fire boat my job is basically the same minus driving to the incident; we have a pilot who takes us out and back.”

When not working on Fire Boat No. 2, FS 112’s fire engine or the front landscape, Braff enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Both his son and daughter aspire to become members of the LAFD just like their father.