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February 2018 Firefighters of the Month: Ellery Beltran and Matthew Davis

With a passion for helping people, firefighter Ellery Beltran has served with the LAFD for the past 10 years. Born in Inglewood and raised in Long Beach, he became interested in firefighting during a career day event at his high school. He remembers that fire department spokesperson was very compelling and Beltran was hooked. He went on to attend Long Beach City and El Camino colleges taking courses in fire science and paramedic training, becoming a paramedic in 2006 prior to applying to the LAFD. He has served his entire career as a paramedic at Fire Station 1 with fellow firefighter/paramedic Matthew Davis.

Firefighter Matthew Davis hails from Utah and had a slightly different path before joining the LAFD. He was inspired and mentored by his high school football coach, a former firefighter. Following his advice, Davis received his BA in business administration and worked a variety of jobs before joining a reserve unit as a firefighter and EMT in Mesquite, Nevada. After serving one year in Las Vegas, he was hired by the LAFD in 2006 and has worked at FS 1 for the past eight years.

With 85% of the more than 1,400 daily calls to the LAFD being medically related, the manual skills for saving a life are just one aspect of the job. Beltran and Davis constantly exceed the medical requisites. Because of his willingness to go beyond what is necessary, Beltran readily remembers a teenage girl and her mother involved in a car accident due to the mother’s intoxication. By gaining the girl’s trust, Beltran discovered they were homeless; that the 15 year old girl had not been in school for more than a year and that her mother had been sex-trafficking her to survive. With the girl’s approval, Beltran was able to get her into child protective custody once they arrived at the hospital, saving her twice that day. Davis remembers a first run of the day call from six years ago that a baby was having trouble breathing. Just as he arrived, the baby’s heart stopped. He was able to revive the infant on the way to the ER and with excellent and flawless teamwork, the baby survived. He still receives yearly updates of the boy who is thriving.

Together, on January 10, 2018, Davis and Beltran assisted in rescuing a potential suicide victim who was poised to jump from the overpass bridge at Grand Avenue in downtown LA. The LAPD were on the scene and had appeared to reason with the man who had climbed back over the railing of the bridge. Just when he appeared to cooperate, the man bolted and ran back to the railing. Beltran leapt into action and both he and Davis were able to subdue the potential jumper until the LAPD could restraint him on a gurney, a difficult task due to the mind-altering substance abuse the jumper was on. According to both men – “We were just doing our job.”

We salute both firefighters this month for doing their jobs with excellence, commitment and passion, saving lives every day.