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January 2018 Firefighter of the Month: Captain Timothy Ramirez

When firefighting is the family business, courage and heroism flood the family genes. Witnessing the bravery and honor of his father and uncle, both of whom were firefighters, Captain Timothy Ramirez knew he wanted to become one too as early as his junior year in high school. However, Ramirez worried about passing the physical exam to become a firefighter because of his need to wear glasses. Always a planner, Ramirez first earned two associate degrees, one for business and the other for fire technology, at Santa Ana Junior college before attending Cal State Fullerton, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. While his backup plan was suitable, his first passion was to fight fires, so he opted for eye surgery, a much riskier proposition at a time before lasers. His surgery was a success and his journey in fire service began as the fifth member of eight firefighters in his immediate family. In 1994, Ramirez served with the Upland Fire Department for one year before being hired by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Reflecting upon his career, Captain Ramirez confides that the dangers of firefighting are worthwhile when compared to the personal satisfaction from making a bona fide impact on people and their communities each and every day. When asked for stories that capture what he believes to be the essence of firefighting, the humble Captain repeatedly doesn’t share a story of personal success or his own heroism, but rather a proud account of his platoon members taking ‘fire licking’ to the face in order to pull a man from a flipped, burning vehicle and resuscitating him back to life. The Captain’s self-effacing nature at his rank proves his character is second to none as a serviceman and, more importantly, as a human being.

What stands out most about Captain Ramirez is his relentless commitment to family. Whether it is following in his father’s footsteps to become a firefighter, his unconditional love for his two young daughters or dedication to his platoon, which he aptly considers his family, Captain Ramirez is undoubtedly devoted to those he loves.  After twenty-three years, he says it is slightly easier to handle the horrific situations he sees on a daily basis, but as a father, Ramirez says calls involving children tend to stay with him for awhile.

Captain Ramirez, who is currently Station Commander of Fire Station 35, B Platoon, was not chosen for Firefighter of the Month because of a singular act of heroism, but rather for his tremendous bravery and steadfast leadership. Characteristics that he has put to action daily in all of his assignments over the last 23 years, which include serving as Captain II at the In-Service Training Section’s Program Development and Delivery Unit and supervisor of his platoon for their twenty-four hour shifts. Prior, he served as a Captain I at the Recruit Training Section’s Drill Tower 40.

Through hardship, doubt and fatherhood, the superlative Captain is the true epitome of a dedicated serviceman.